Course policies


All written assignments, unless otherwise specified, are to be turned in on D2L by midnight on the day they are due.

All reading assignments are to be completed by the time you come to class on the day they are due.

All in-class assignments are to be turned in before the end of the class period. In-class assignments can not be made up if you are absent.

• Late work will be penalized by one full grade per day it is late.
• I will not accept work that is more than one week late.
• I reserve the right to refuse late assignments if you are chronically late turning in your work.

Assignment Formatting

All assignments must be typed and double-spaced, with a standard margin and a 12 point typeface. All assignments should include your name, the date, and the name of the assignment.

Classroom Etiquette

The classroom environment in this class is casual and conducive to the free flow of information. However, common courtesy and respectful behavior applies.

• While the instructor is delivering or a lecture, or a fellow student is talking, please do not hold side conversations. (A side conversation is when you are talking—even in a whisper—to someone who is sitting near you.) This is distracting to the task at hand.
• Do not nap in class. You will most likely be docked participation points.
• Please wait until your instructor officially dismisses class before you begin to gather your belongings.
• Respect for your fellow students is an important part of maintaining a positive classroom environment. Disagreement and differences of opinion are normal parts of the education process. However, at all times you will be expected to respond to other people with respect, which includes using appropriate language and tone of voice. (Oppressive language is antithetical to an inclusive and equitable educational experience. Students who engage in behavior that disrupts the learning environment for others may be subject to disciplinary action under the policies set forth in the St. Cloud State University Handbook.)
• You may bring food and beverages to class as long as they do not become a distraction.
• Please do your very best to be on time.
• Please put away your laptop computers and turn your cell phones on silent when you come into the room. At no time during class should you check for or send text messages.
• If you have been absent, please check this blog or the D2L system for information you can use regarding the class you missed, as well as one of your class peers.

Academic Honesty

It is required that you do your own work in this class. Assignments are structured in a way that you will continually show evidence of your work at several stages.

But in the event of confirmed, purposeful plagiarism, you will receive an F for the assignment and will not be allowed to redo the assignment. For more information on Academic Honesty as a policy at St. Cloud State, visit the St. Cloud State University Handbook.


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