About (and how to reach) your instructor

Stephanie Wilbur Ash is a writer, editor, and teacher.

Ms. Ash has an MFA in writing from Hamline University in St. Paul. She teaches college level writing and humanities courses (including Composition, Introduction to Film, Intercultural Communications, Creative Writing, and others). She has written, edited, and taught APA, AP, and Chicago styles.

Ms. Ash is the voice of Travelmeredith.com and the Midwestern toy chain Creative Kidstuff. Early in her career she served as an editor for the Minnesota state agency that administers financial aid (the Office of Higher Education). Later, she was an editor in Special Sections for Mpls.St.Paul Magazine. Her features, profiles, and book reviews are often and widely published.

Ms. Ash is also a regular performer and writer of performance with the Lit 6 Project and the Electric Arc Radio Show, and she co-wrote the original musical Don’t Crush Our Heart! and the dramedy Murder in Cereal City! (commissioned by the Minnesota History Center).


That’s how to reach her outside of class.

How she will likely respond to your email

Your instructor will do her best to answer any questions you have outside of class via email, but please use good judgment and reasoning when emailing. For instance, if you send an e-mail at 8 p.m. on Monday night asking a question about something that is due on Tuesday morning, it is unlikely that she will get back to you in time. Plan ahead, and try to anticipate any questions before the last minute.

Your instructor may not respond to every email informing her of illness, late work, or other issues.

Thurs. 1:45 – 2:30 p.m., Room 124B in B51 Building

These are your instructor’s office hours, and her office location if you would like to speak to her in person outside of class.

You can also make an appointment for an in-person meeting with her by email if you cannot make this time. But bear in mind: Your instructor is only on campus Tuesdays and Thursdays during the day.

How your instructor will contact you

Outside of class, she will communicate with you through the D2L system and through this blog. Make it a priority to regularly check (twice a week, at least) the D2L and this blog. Pay particular attention to D2L and this blog in the event of bad weather, as your instructor drives from the Twin Cities.


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