Peer Review: Argumentative Research Paper

1.)    Evaluate the opening paragraph. After reading the entire paper, did the writer address everything he/she indicated would be in the paper in the first paragraph? Did the first paragraph (or first two paragraphs) pay off? Any suggestions for revision?

2.)    What is the thesis of this paper?

3.)    Does this thesis take a stand? How so?

4.)    Is this thesis specific? To what?

5.)    Is this thesis relevant? Does it justify its existence? How so?

6.)    Does this thesis express one main idea? What is it?

7.)    What logical points does the writer use to support the thesis?

8.)    What is the evidence presented to support those logical points?

9.)    How are the transitions in the paper from point to point? How does the paper flow? How does the writer indicate transitions between points?

10.) What are the sources used in the paper? Are the sources legitimate? Are they used effectively? What are some other possible sources this writer could use to make the paper stronger?

11.) How is this paper structured? Can you follow the paper’s logic through its structure? Is there anything that seems misplaced, or extraneous?

12.) What are the counterarguments the writer has identified? Is he/she refuting  counterarguments effectively? Are there other counterarguments you feel the writer should address?

13.) How does the conclusion work? Does it reinforce the thesis? Does it stick to the consistent message of the paper?

14.) Has the writer done a good job of using logic to persuade a reader? Even if you disagree, has the writer made the logical leaps necessary to form cohesive arguments that support the writer’s thesis? How so? If not, how could it be improved?


~ by ashstephanie on December 8, 2009.

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