Peer Review, Genius Essay

1.)    Does the opening paragraph grab you, or tell you what the paper is about? Is the paper’s subject and intent clear to you in reading the first few paragraphs?
2.)    Who is the audience for this paper?
3.)    What are the four qualities of “genius” as defined by the author? How does the author use these qualities to assert that the person is a “genius”? Is it convincing to you that these four criteria make a “genius”? Why or why not?
4.)    What methods of argumentation does the author use to claim that this person constitutes a “genius”?
5.)    What evidence specifically does the author use to support his/her claims? Describe.
10.)  In your view, has the author properly used sources and cited them in the body of the essay? Describe the methods of source citation that the author is using (paraphrasing, summary, and/or quotation).
11.)  Review the source list. Under the guidelines we discussed, are they legitimate sources? Are they presented (to the best of your knowlege) in MLA style?
10.)  In your opinion, does this paper make convincing arguments? Why, or why not? Where does it fall apart for you logically?
13.)  Where in the paper does Ethos, Pathos, and Logos appear? How is the author building a case,  persuading us to his beliefs?
15.)  What are the counterarguments the author presents? Are the other counterarguments to be made? Think of one that detracts you from accepting the author’s arguments.


~ by ashstephanie on November 9, 2009.

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